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FAQ Policy. About this book As an addition to the European postgraduate training system for young neurosurgeons we began to publish in this series of Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery which was later sponsored by the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies. Show all. Computerized tomography in the preoperative evaluation of posterior fossa tumors in children.

Child's Brain , Ossification of the cervical posterior longitudinal ligament in association with anterior longitudinal ligamentous ankylosing hyperostosis. Systemic Weber-Christian presenting as an intracranial mass lesion, a case report. J Neurosurg , Intracranial pressure during nitroglycerin-induced hypotension. Correlation of clinical and physiological effects of cerebellar stimulation.

Acta Neurochir Suppl. Cerebral metabolism after intracranial trauma. Prog Neurol Surg , Extradural empyema complicating frontal sinusitis. Neurochirurgia , Chechick A,. Brown-Sequard syndrome associated with brachial plexus injury in neck trauma. J Trauma , Delayed epidural hematoma demonstrated by computerized tomography: Case report.

Surgical extirpation of a venous angioma of the medulla oblongata simulating multiple sclerosis. Surg Neurol , Computer assisted myelography in spinal dysraphism.

Spinal intradural lipoma with intracranial extension. Two-level fracture dislocation of the cervical spine in a young child: case report with operative treatment. J Bone Joint Surg 65A, Spinal arachnoid cyst with unusual presentation. Case Report. Thoracic disc herniation associated with papilledema.

Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery: Volume 34

Percutaneous trigeminal glycerol rhizolysis in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Harefuah , Diagnostic value of nuclear magnetic resonance scanning in diseases of the central nervous system. Computerized tomography in combat related craniocerebral penetrating missile injuries. Isr J Med Sci , Transoval trigeminal cistern puncture: Modified fluoroscopically guided technique.

Am J Neuroradiology , Rappaport ZH, Magora F. Trigeminal glycerol rhizolysis in the treatment of tic doloreux. Europ J Anesthesiol , A pharmaco-behavioural assay of the analgetic efficacy of drugs topically applied to a nerve-end neuroma in a chronic pain model.

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J Neurosci Meth , Conus ganglioglioma in a 2. Recurrent cystic meningioma. Rappaport ZH. Epidermoid tumor of the cerebellopontine angle as a cause of trigeminal neuralgia. Percutaneous retrogasserian glycerol injection for trigeminal neuralgia: A one year follow-up. The Pain Clinic , Cystic meningioma presenting as a ring lesion.

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AJNR , The effect of glycerol on autotomy. An experimental model of neuralgia pain. Pain , Rappaport ZH, Fields S. The biopsy of intracranial lesions with computed tomography stereotactic guidance. Papo I, Z. Rappaport ZH, M. Shalit MN. Surgical treatment of intramedullary spinal tumors. Tissue Na, K, and Ca changes in regional cerebral ischemia their measurement and interpretation. CNS Trauma , Regional brain sodium, potassium, and water changes in the rat middle cerebral artery occlusion model of ischemia.

Stroke , Regional brain calcium changes in the rat middle cerebral artery occlusion model of ischemia. Rappaport ZH, Constantini S. Lumbosacral facet thermocoagulation for mechanical low-back pain syndrome. Goldberg M, Rappaport ZH. Neurosurgical, obstetric and endocrine aspects of meningioma during pregnancy. Intramedullary fibrosarcoma of the cervicomedullary junction: A case report. Intraoperative ultrasound evaluation of intracerebral lesions. Recurrent trigeminal cistern glycerol injections for tic doloreux.

Acta Neurochir , Four years experience with the retrogasserian injection of glycerol for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Technical note: The removal of free peritoneal catheters in the revision of ventriculoperitoneal shunts. Neurosurgery , Rappaport ZH, Lerman P. Corpus callosotomy in the treatment of secondary generalizing intractable epilepsy. Corpus callosum section in the treatment of intractable seizures in the Sturge-Weber syndrome. Child's Nerv Syst , The value and risk of routine post-craniotomy ICP measurement.

Perioperative external ventricular drainage in obstructive hydrocephalus secondary to infratentorial brain tumours. Pomeranz S,. Constantini S, Rappaport ZH. Hypopotassemia in severe head trauma.

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Coexistence of Dandy-Walker syndrome and Down syndrome. A case report. Aneurysmal bone cyst associated with fibrous dysplasia of the skull. ICP monitoring after elective intracranial surgery. A study of consecutive patients. Corpus callosotomy in medically intractable epilepsy.