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Abstract As cold-formed steel decks are used in virtually every steel-framed structure for composite slab systems, efforts to develop more efficient composite floor systems continues. Efficient composite floor systems can be obtained by optimally utilizing the materials, which includes the possibility of developing long span composite slab systems. For this purpose, new deck profiles that can have a longer span and better interaction with the concrete slab are investigated.


Two new mechanical based methods for predicting composite slab strength and behavior are introduced. They are referred to as the iterative and direct methods. These methods, which accurately account for the contribution of parameters affecting the composite action, are used to predict the strength and behavior of composite slabs.

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Application of the methods in the analytical and experimental study of strength and behavior of composite slabs in general reveals that more accurate predictions are obtained by these methods compared to those of a modified version of the Steel Deck Institute method SDI-M. A nonlinear finite element model is also developed to provide additional reference. These methods, which are supported by elemental tests of shear bond and end anchorages, offer an alternative solution to performing a large number of full-scale tests as required for the traditional m-k method.

Lecture 10.7: Composite Slabs

Results from 27 composite slab tests are compared with the analytical methods. Four long span composite slab specimens of 20 ft span length, using two different types of deck profiles, were built and tested experimentally. Without significantly increasing the slab depth and weight compared to those of composite slabs with typical span, it was found that these long span slabs showed good performance under the load tests.

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  6. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Abstract Usually, the design of composite slabs with short spans, or with current spans with the longitudinal shear behaviour improved by reinforcing systems, is governed by the vertical shear resistance.

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