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Computer simulation

The book also provides some important applications of cancer models to the assessment of cancer risk associated with various hazardous environmental agents, to cancer screening by MRI, and to drug resistance in cancer chemotherapy. An updated statistical design and analysis of xenograft experiments as well as a statistical analysis of cancer occult clinical data are also provided.

The book will serve as a useful source of reference for researchers in biomathematics, biostatistics and bioinformatics; for clinical investigators and medical doctors employing quantitative methods to develop procedures for cancer diagnosis, prevention, control and treatment; and for graduate students.

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John Griffiths, Qualified in medicine and biochemistry. In the early s, his research group pioneered the use of MRS for studies on living tumors, and he has worked since then on MRI and MRS of cancer, both in vivo and ex vivo. He has published more than peer-reviewed articles to date. His recent interests include the metabolomics of cancer.

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