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You can either push them towards their goal, or you can pull them.

Why Taskmaster Is One Of The Best Skill champ ( Top 3 skill champ ) — Marvel Contest of Champions

Either way, they will learn about themselves along the way, but the two experiences are very different. Pulling people towards an achievement is the role of a cheerleader mentor. They encourage people to build on their strengths and give them the courage of their convictions.

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When someone possesses the basic tools for success, the cheerleading approach gives them the mental fortitude to get over the line. A taskmaster mentor helps to direct their people in the right direction, with smaller steps and a more prescriptive approach. They use their experience to foresee difficulties and adopt a hand-holding approach until the end is in sight. This practical assistance is vital, and while making mistakes is valuable, sometimes you simply need to rely on the experience of someone who has been there before. So, to come to the question in the title.

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Well, it should be fairly obvious that mentors should be both cheerleaders and taskmasters even with the same mentee. It may be that in uncertain situations their charge requires a step-by-step approach, and at other more familiar but nonetheless challenging times, they require more of a confidence boost. He didn't have to do that.

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Always has been. Don't let anyone tell you different. BloodTalon said:. ReVamp : What do you mean the story where they said that Taskmaster has no memories or the Avengers Academy story that referenced it directly. I don't read Avengers Academy so that I don't know but it was first in a minnie that sucked if you like Taskmaster then I say don't read it.

I think Taskmaster is a bad guy with a good streak.

Drive Results Without Being The Taskmaster – The 7th Leadership Principle

Greed is his driving force, but he's not evil. He's a bad-neutral guy. He guys to the Highest bidder. He will do anything for money which isn't normal. Most people have some limit to what they will do. He doesn't apart from maybe genocide. So that's why i call him a bad neutral guy because he still does anything.

ow to be an Effective Task Master Part 1

Also he has done bad things of his own accord. Actually that was his main revenue. His academies. They train murderers and thieves.

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  5. No he's an anti-villain..! An anti-villain is a villain who clearly does bad things and often fights the hero but has good qualities and most the time is only a villain due to circumstances or because he truly believes he is doing a greater good. I think Taskmaster is a good guy as much as Deadpool or even Punisher are but heroes don't pay as much so he works with villains. My guess is that he was meant to be a bad guy, but subsequent writers put in a few anti-hero elements in his storyline.

    He definitely started out as a villain but he still would work for the good guys when offered enough money. In the last few years they've started to give him a sense of humor and made him a little more like Deadpool.