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The problem is that we had talked briefly before I sent that email I consider sending that email a mistake. All she was doing showed me that she is interested. I am not sure why girls do all these craps, checking you out, make eye contact, and so on, when they are not fucking interested in you. Now she is constantly checking me out to see whether I am looking at her or not. Perhaps she thinks I am a stalker. What a childish behavior! So I met this girl at a restaurant, she was the bartender there, she gave me her number and I waited like 7 hours to text her and she replied fast, but I live in a different city, any how as the days went on I kind of started to fade away and I stopped texting, than I saw one of her instagram photos and I thought she looked good, so I started to text her again.

I did the whole online dating first just to see how it goes. I ended up meeting someone from my past. Anyways we hit it off good at first. We have so much in common and who is also divorced from cheating. We both have kids and also stepdaughters we take care of. The first month and a half was good. Always taking and texting, even around our kids, on the phone of course. We went on a couple of dates and they went well. The first date was a normal casual setting the next was out of the blue both of us coming out of the gym.

Anyways I know her life is busy, but it seems like she was always talking to me no matter what. I understand a lot of women have trust issues after they got cheated on. I got cheated on too. What should I do next. Hi Ricky, Thank you for reading this blog. The first thing being that when you meet someone from home, it can feel so comfortable.

You also share other familiarity, in that both of you have experienced trust issues with your previous partner. Set some boundaries and give her some time to think about them. Let her know that at a specific time frame you want to know what her expectations in the relationship are. I know you can do this! Things were great until i seen messages of her talking to other guys. What should i do? Hi AJ, Thank you for reading this blog. You appear to be an honest and supportive individual in a relationship that is experiencing some turmoil. Have you suggested professional support to her so you can both work on the issues that are causing the conflicts in the relationship?.

Your intuition is telling you that she does not want to stay and I would listen to that inner voice. You are important and so is the future of your child, so whatever decision you make, remember you deserve to be in a happy and healthy relationship. Let her go! I would still be good parents but eliminate the talk of relationship. Hi Appolonia, I recently found out that a friends friend likes me, and conveniently I liked her. But we started to talk and after a couple of weeks, she started to get distant. Btw we text more than see each other because our schedules are packed.

Is she still into me? Or is it just life? And if it is life how can I help? Without knowing more about you and your relationship, I cannot give you advice that could be helpful. Do you have any thoughts? Hi Paul, Thank you for reading this blog. Paul, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it starts from within. You have to began to change your mindset, that no women is going to respond to you. I have included another blog that I wrote on how to be irresistible to women for your review. I am also going to recommend two audio videos that I developed to help you start changing your mindset.

I have included both of these links if you are interested, Mastering your confidence and overcoming your attachments, neediness and fears. Hey , I started talking to this really attractive girl who I was introduced to by my friend. He had told me the girl had previously expressed interest in him but he never pursued.

So while I texted her she gave me short word responses but I was able to set up a time to meet. Eventually she flakes on me and said she was sick. I ended up seeing her later while she was talking to someone and it seemed as if her body language was off. Should I pursue her or let her go? Hi Leroy, Thank you for reading my blog, 10 signs she is not into you. I cannot advice you, if you should pursue her, because I do not know enough about you or her. I recommend that you listen to your intuition, you are important and you deserves someone who values you.

If women are interested they will go out of their way to communicate with you. If not then your not her guy. I met this girl 6 months ago and we continued to date on and off. In the beginning we had a great time but later on it went boring. She is introvert and not so good when it comes to reciprocating so I felt lesser connection. A month after dating I began to feel like she is not that into me.

Whenever she demanded space I would agree and focus on myself and she use to come back. We have not contacted each other since one month and my intention is to bring her back and make her fall for me. How can I do that? Hi Anoop, Thank you for reading this blog. In order for me to give you some suggestions, I need to know more about you and the relationship and why you appear to be so consumed with her. I have been talking to and seeing this girl for about a month and it started off great, too great. We spent almost all our free time together.

Lately, she has been acting indifferent and distant.

33 Body Language Signs That Mean He's Into You

She used to respond to texts with excitement and love, now they are just bland. She is very hard to read and I tried asking her how she feels but she just deflects my questions. She says shes interested in being with me, but I just do not sense that from how she treats me.

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I tried giving her some space as i was putting her under too much pressure, but I cannot help but wonder and want to ask her questions. Thanks for all your work, and I hope to hear back! Thank you for reading my blog on 10 signs she not into you anymore. I think the relationship started going so fast that she might be feeling overwhelmed with all the emotions. Give her time and space and try not to pressure her into giving you an answer during this time.

Take this time to do some self development so you can grow from this experience. Listen to your intuition and the way she is treating you, because what she is doing none verbally is the answers you are seeking. In doing this you are showing her your sense of independence. Also let her initiate contact more. I have a 6 years long relationship. As time passed I got busy with my goals of making more money in life and took her for granted. I did the blunder by countering him, that before he dies, I will die.

She asked for space, I gave it but things are not coming on track. She refuses to go on trips with me, kiss me or even have sex with me. She says she has lost feelings for me. I sincerely did all the hardwork for us to have a better future but all reversed. What do I do in this case.

How To Know If A Girl Has A Crush On You

Hi Henry, Thank you for reading my blog on 10 signs she not into you anymore. I recommend you take this time to work on doing some self development. I have two audio videos that I would recommend to help you in this process. She is bubbly, cheeky, hardworking, smart, extremely respectful towards elders, as kind as an angel… she is not the most pretty one, but I am in love with her soul, soo the situation is like this… We were strangers until, one day, I invited her out for a meal, and she actually turned up!

How to Tell if a Girl is Falling in Love With You

She even dressed up for it, the thought of the cute little girl is more than enough to make me blush. It was a short daeto, nothing much, just having some talks, understanding more about each other, after having the food: Afterwards, I got her contact and had been constantly texting her almost everyday. We enjoyed flirting each other with the occasional uses of sacarsm. But rarely initiate the conversation.

She studies college in a different state, so it would be difficult for us to meet up. Should I really move on? Or stay on for a while and meet her up again to talk it through?

I hate to think that all this is onesided and maybe she is just being kind to me, as a friend. I am certain that I am being clear that I see her more than merely a close friend, rather I want to see her as a romantic partner! Help me out pls, I am very very confused. God bless. I have a friend for over a month. I am madly interested in just only time I see her is on weekends nights due to my work. I am 37 and shes 39 but i feel older the way i speak to her, ive been in alot of distrust relationships. I talk to her non stop i dont want to except another bad relationship.

Friday i brought her flowers letting her know that i care i dont to be a booty call person nor friends with benefits. All her friends on FB are old ugly guys and she never dated a young guy before. Just the way we felt now feel like she messing around. What should I do and thanks. I would encourage you to book a session so you can get some further advice.

If that does not help I would recommend watching some of my YouTube videos. Hi Clifford, Thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate your comment. In oder to give you advice on your situation, I need to know more about you and the relationship. Hi Apollonia, I met my girlfriend December last year and we have been dating until her decision to go back to school.

Which is far away from my current location where I work. Just yesterday I called to check on her and she told me she is travelling for her Grandfather burial And that she would take the early morning bus. She removed he DP on whatsapp and always comes online often without saying Hi. Hi Henry, Take this time to work on you! Give her the space she wants and let her reach out to you. I have include a blog I wrote on finding your purpose as a guide towards your self development.

Hi Apollonia, I have been going out with a girl for about 3 months now. Before we had a great time. She would smile at me and wanted to have conversations now it seems like anytime we are in a group she always smiles at everybody but when i go to say something she just stares at me and then she goes back to smiling and having a great time. Also she smiles at my friend which is a guy. Should I ask her what she thinks of our relationship at this moment or should i wait. Im a senior in high school and she is a freshman.

I feel like after i graduate she is going to break up with me anyway. Should i be patient and wait to see what happens. This is also my first real relationship that i had. Im terrible at reading emoitions. Sometimes she is happy and it seems like she wants me but not in pubic. IDK anymore. Please help me. Exact same thing is happening to me. Except the privacy part. Privacy is like important here and even i dont want my relationship go public. There is this girl i met in my last coaching. We were in different batches.

She used to smile at me whenever we met in interval or after the class ended. I also noticed that she used to smile at my friend too who is like a step forward than me in terms of girls. But thankfully he left d coaching and the path was clear for me. This thing is like 1 month back now.

I was going to leave that coaching, and we started talking a little bit in my last few days. I started dropping her home after the class. I specially brought d car to coaching to impress her and so that we could talk in the car. I took her number. We started talking on whatsapp but what i noticed was that she replied very short to my messages. It was like i used 3 lines for my texts and hers were one liners.

She never looked enthusiastic. I thought she was not into me. And by d way i come from a rich family background, my father is at a good position in state govt. In one of my last days of d coaching after dropping her home i proposed her anyway and poured my heart to her about how i started liking her after she smiled at me. To my surprise she accepted d proposal and we talked for like half an hour when she told about her past experiences about boyfriends.

She told me very frankly about her past relationships about how she was commited to a guy for 2 years and they were goin to marry but something went wrong. They broke up. And another boy whom i know personally proposed to her but she rejected her. She was very frank. We agreed that we would not waste each others time much and keep our focus on studies. I was feeling awesome that day..

6 Signs She Likes You - How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

After that i left d coaching and we talked like once a day. But i never felt her enthusiasm for d relationship. I think she smiles at me lesser than d beginning now. She rarely picks d call at once. Whenever we meet like once in days i get happy with her reaction. But in terms of phone calls or texts, her responses are unsatisfactory. Same as before proposing her.

But she said she was interested. It has been 10 days since that day. But im not getting d response or d exitement i expected. Day before yesterday we agreed to meet for our 1st date on 30 april.

1. Is she laughing at your jokes (even when they’re bad)?

I was happy then. And today i called her she picked up and said she was out of town and said she was busy and told me that she would call back. She didnt. I texted her after i could not resist myself.

Scenario 1

Send her 3 texts.. Her only reply after my 3rd text- on Nothing else. I cant decipher whats in her head and its killing me and affecting my studies too. Either she cant risk being caught by family.. Only positive thing i can think of is that our 1st date is still on. Is this normal in d beginning of d relationship.? What should i do.? Please suggest me something to fix this.

Or just share ur views about what u think of this scenerio. Why does this girl keep blowing hot and cold on me. When she has alot to drink she will snuggle into me etc and she says she loves my humour but couple of days later her texts our dry and cold. Hi Apollonian… I have my gf for three years…. So I think you should get a girl closer to you and date her. If she wants to hang out once she comes back here or wherever you at, hang out with her and keep it like that. But you should be going out and getting other girls and stop worrying about this one your talking about.

Because from the way it sounds it sounds like she has someone else beating her pussy up. So go out there get another girl who lives closer to you and date her and stop contacting the one your talking about. Now because your busy. Busy beating up some other girls pussy. Anyways good luck bro. Hi Apolonia, Im This girl approached me when we first met in highschool, its almost 3yrs we know each other. I had started working and schooling, was very busy but we had magical dates. She would pratically do anything i asked i was crazy and was very submissive.

Out of the blue, She begun not showing up on dates. I mostly remained centered for her behaviour was actually getting funny like she was my gf. She didnt show. Basically always texting informing me about her daily. I gave brief indifferent answers. But then coming Sept.

He knows that this bubble called relationship is extremely fragile and needs to be protected. Note: When a man truly loves you, other girls are insignificant to him because he is loyal to you. Not only out of respect for you, but for himself and his word. A man loves you when he is respectful in his words, actions, efforts and thoughts. How can a man misuse such a strong word on a complete stranger? If a man ever tells you he loves you quickly, please be very skeptical. His decision made me respect him even more.

And when he finally said it, it was worth the wait. Me: I Love you. Him: Ditto. He says he cares for you but his actions states otherwise. He says he gives you his word but breaks it every time.

How to know if she’s not interested anymore.

As women, we need to pay attention to actions and not words. A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in his actions — Confucius. I would pick a man that lets his actions speak for him than a man that is all talk. If you are dating a man that is all talk, give him away for free. He will make you his priority and keep his word. If he says he will be at your place at 8 p. I can tell you where it is going, nowhere! How can he truly love you yet go days without communicating with you? When a man loves you, he will check in at different hours of the day to make sure you are okay or call to hear your voice because you were on his mind.

If you go 24 hours without any form of communication from a man that claims to love you, drop him.

You are now single and free to mingle! This also has nothing to do with me binge-watching Ryan Gosling movies and wanting my own lovely gentleman. But when I started dating my boyfriend, he showed me how a gentle man is supposed to treat his lady. Look out for the little things. Does he open doors for you? Sit after you sit? Never walk ahead of you? Praise you when you doubt yourself? Always on his iPhone when you are supposed to be bonding instead of dropping it and listening to you? Gone are the days when men would go far and beyond to get the first date from a woman.

But now, men either take the lazy way that requires no effort; inviting her over for Netflix and chill so he can later try to take her to bed. Note: Pay attention to how he treats strangers. Is he a jerk? Is he nice? The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. Now I am not suggesting that he pays your student loans or credit card bills, but just how invested is he when you need help.

Does he offer encouragement? Is he there for you? Does he hold your hair when you puke after a drunk night out? Drive you to the hospital at 4 a. If a man truly loves you, your problem is his problem. He knows that when his woman is unhappy, it makes him unhappy too. He will work with you like a team member for a class presentation and try to find a solution or a way out.

In return, he would hope that when he also has a problem, you are there for him as he was for you. It is really important to be surrounded by people who want the best for you. Looking back to my past relationships, I did most of the nurturing and never got as much back. As a woman, I am supposed to not only look perfect but live a perfect life.

I encouraged and motivated my past partner to be the best he could be. Like always, I found myself giving paraklesis to men who needed healing. Paraklesis: Encouraging and consoling speech.