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Sheikhs and important businessmen may also wear a thin, gold-trimmed robe bisht over their kandura at important events. In public, women wear a long, loose black robe abaya that covers their normal clothes - plus a headscarf sheyla.

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The abaya is often of very sheer, flowing fabric with intricate embroidery and beadwork along the wrists and hemline. Sheylas are also becoming more elaborate and a statement of individuality, particularly among the young. Headwear varies with some women wearing a thin black veil covering their face and others, generally older women, wearing a leather veil burka , which covers the nose, brow, cheekbones and lips.

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Photography While normal tourist photography is acceptable, it is polite to ask permission before taking photos of people, particularly women. Photographs of government buildings, military installations and ports and airports should not be taken. Also, cameras may be banned in public areas designated for women and children only.

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Visit Abu Dhabi. South Korea is a destination that is bursting with talented designers, creators, and artists that have found a country in Asia is the most populated continent on earth, making up about half of the world's total population. The journalism industry Discover Local Customs in South Korea. Written by: Dave Owen.

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