Manual Loyal to the Land: The Legendary Parker Ranch, 1950-1970: Volume 2, The Senior Stewards

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We've listed similar copies below. Stock Image. Published by Univ of Hawaii Pr, U. Published by University of Hawaii Press Used Hardcover Quantity Available: 1. Published by University of Hawaii Press. New Quantity Available: 1. New Hardcover Quantity Available: 1. Published by Univ of Hawaii Pr Loyal to the Land v. Tribunals were set up by fiat by the Allies and war crimes trials were conducted in the wake of the war both against the Germans and the Japanese. World War II changed the political social structure of the globe; the United Nations was established to foster international co-operation and prevent future conflicts.

The Soviet Union and United States emerged as rival superpowers, setting the stage for the nearly half-century long Cold War. In the wake of European devastation, the influence of its great powers waned, triggering the decolonisation of Africa and Asia. Most countries whose industries had been damaged moved towards economic expansion. Political integration in Europe, emerged as an effort to end pre-war enmities and create a common identity; the start of the war in Europe is held to be 1 September , beginning with the German invasion of Poland.

The dates for the beginning of war in the Pacific include the start of the Second Sino-Japanese War on 7 July , or the Japanese invasion of Manchuria on 19 September Others follow the British historian A. Taylor , who held that the Sino-Japanese War and war in Europe and its colonies occurred and the two wars merged in ; this article uses the conventional dating.

He was appointed to the office after the term of Oren E.

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King served in the United States House of Representatives as a delegate from the Territory of Hawaii , he was a member of the Republican Party of Hawaii and was the first of native Hawaiian descent to rise to the highest office in the territory. His father James A. King was a subject of the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

Upon graduating, King went on to study at the United States Naval Academy in Maryland , he entered the United States Navy as a commissioned officer where he served from to At the time of his discharge, he had attained the rank of lieutenant commander. On March 18, he married another part-Hawaiian. King returned to his hometown in In , he ran for his first public office and served for two years on the Board of Supervisors of Honolulu.

With the outbreak of World War II , King resigned from Congress to accept a naval commission to become a commander captain, he retired from military service in Once again, King returned to his hometown and was appointed to a sub-cabinet office of the governor's administration. King served in the Emergency Housing Committee for a year, he was appointed to the Hawaii Statehood Commission in where he stayed until President of the United States Dwight D. Eisenhower appointed King to the governorship that year, he was the first governor of Hawaiian ancestry. During his term in office he signed HB on June 5, which outlawed the death penalty in Hawaii.

It became Act Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Louis University High School St. Louis University High School , a Jesuit Catholic high school for boys founded in , is the oldest secondary educational institution in the U. It is located in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. SLUH was founded in by the bishop of St.

Louis, Bishop Dubourg, as a Latin school for boys known as St. Louis Academy. Classes were held in a one-story house owned by Madame Alvarez on the northwest corner of Third and Market Street , it grew to include a college division, the college was granted university status in The high school retained the identity of St.

Louis Academy on the university campus until when it moved to its own facilities and incorporated separately under the name of St. That facility known as Backer Memorial, has grown over the years and remains the school's home. In , Paul Owens became the school's first lay principal, in David J. Laughlin was hired as the school's first lay president.

In each year from to , SLUH was named among the top-scoring organizations in the mid-size employer category of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's survey of Top Workplaces. Since the school is part of the Jesuit network that consists of 61 high schools and 28 colleges and universities in the United States , SLUH provides an education infused with the tradition and philosophy of St. Ignatius of Loyola. Theology and philosophy classes are conducted daily. By composite score, it ranks among the top seven per cent of schools in the United States. Among St. Louis and St.

Louis area high schools with a total enrollment of over , it had the highest scores in Since a total of 31 students have received the highest score possible. Four members of the class of achieved this score, along with five members of the class of , two members of the class of In , 17 students were named Semifinalists, while 28 were named National Merit Commended Scholars. In , 25 students were named Semifinalists. AP courses are now offered for 22 disciplines.

In , students took AP exams. Eighty-seven percent scored grades that qualify them for college credit. In , for example, three of Missouri's ten semifinalists were from SLUH, with one, Daniel Viox, receiving one of the two scholarships awarded. The language department has offered four-year programs in Russian and Chinese since In , a student exchange program with the Nanjing Foreign Language School was established.

In , educational exchange programs for the study of Russian language and culture were established with schools in St. In keeping with its strong Jesuit Catholic heritage, courses in Latin and Greek are offered, as are the popular choices of French and Spanish. SLUH has strong programs in the natural sciences, computer science, social sciences, fine arts, literature.

All SLUH students enter colleges or universities upon graduation. In the late s, a large capital campaign to fund growth and expansion projects began under Fr. Paul Sheridan , S. Over eight years, 18 new teaching and counseling positions were added; the physical improvements began in when the football stadium was given artificial turf and a new entry boulevard to the west of the campus was constructed jointly with the adjacent St. Louis Science Center ; the construction continued with the addition of a acre soccer—track complex and Sheridan Stadium, a new baseball field.

In SLUH completed the Danis Field House, a free-standing field house that contains two gymnasium spaces and meeting space for the athletic staff, locker facilities. SLUH was the top-scoring high school in the Missouri chapter of Math League for five years running; the Quizbowl team of won the district ti. Dwight D.

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Eisenhower Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower was an American army general and statesman who served as the 34th president of the United States from to During World War II , he was a five-star general in the United States Army and served as supreme commander of the Allied Expeditionary Forces in Europe , he was responsible for planning and supervising the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch in —43 and the successful invasion of France and Germany in —45 from the Western Front. Born David Dwight Eisenhower in Denison, Texas , he was raised in Kansas in a large family of Pennsylvania Dutch ancestry, his family had a strong religious background.

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So, Eisenhower did not belong to any organized church until , he cited constant relocation during his military career as one reason. He graduated from West Point in and married Mamie Doud , with whom he had two sons. During World War I , he was denied a request to serve in Europe and instead commanded a unit that trained tank crews.

Following the war, he served under various generals and was promoted to the rank of brigadier general in After the U. In , Eisenhower entered the presidential race as a Republican to block the isolationist foreign policies of Senator Robert A. Taft , who opposed NATO and wanted no foreign entanglements, he won that election and the election in landslides, both times defeating Adlai Stevenson II.

He became the first Republican to win since Herbert Hoover in Eisenhower's main goals in office were to contain the expansion of the Soviet Union and reduce federal deficits. In , he threatened the use of nuclear weapons until China agreed to peace terms in the Korean War. China did agree and an armistice resulted that remains in effect. His New Look policy of nuclear deterrence prioritized inexpensive nuclear weapons while reducing funding for expensive Army divisions, he continued Harry S.

Truman's policy of recognizing the Republic of China as the legitimate government of China, he won congressional approval of the Formosa Resolution , his administration provided major aid to help the French fight off Vietnamese Communists in the First Indochina War. After the French left he gave strong financial support to the new state of South Vietnam , he supported local military coups against democratically-elected governments in Guatemala. During the Suez Crisis of , Eisenhower condemned the Israeli and French invasion of Egypt , he forced them to withdraw, he condemned the Soviet invasion during the Hungarian Revolution of but took no action.

He deployed 15, soldiers during the Lebanon crisis. Near the end of his term, his efforts to set up a summit meeting with the Soviets collapsed when a U. He approved the Bay of Pigs invasion , left to his successor, John F. Kennedy , to carry out. On the domestic front, Eisenhower was a moderate conservative who continued New Deal agencies and expanded Social Security , he covertly opposed Joseph McCarthy and contributed to the end of McCarthyism by invoking executive privilege.

Eisenhower signed the Civil Rights Act of and sent Army troops to enforce federal court orders that integrated schools in Little Rock, Arkansas , his largest program was the Interstate Highway System. He promoted the establishment of strong science education via the National Defense Education Act. Eisenhower's two terms saw widespread economic prosperity except for a minor recession in In his farewell address to the nation , Eisenhower expressed his concerns about the dangers of massive military spending deficit spending and government contracts to private military manufacturers.

Historical evaluations of his presidency place him among the upper tier of U. Accounts vary as to when the German name Eisenhauer was anglicized to Eisenhower. Eisenhower's Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors, who were farmers, included Hans Nikolaus Eisenhauer of Karlsbrunn, who migrated to Lancaster, Pennsylvania , in Hans's great-great-grandson, David Jacob Eisenhower, was Eisenhower's father and was a college-educated engineer, despite his own father Jacob's urging to stay on the family farm. David owned a general store in Hope, but the business failed due to economic conditions and the family became impoverished.

David worked as a railroad mechanic and at a creamery. By , the parents provided a suitable home for their large family; the future pr. Quinn, the wife of Governor William F. Quinn , served as the last First Lady of the Territory of Hawaii from until , she served as the first First Lady of the new U. Although small in total new light on pro- land area, its numerous islands and archipela- cesses of cultural goes with their startlingly diverse habitats and transformation at biotas, extend across a third of the globe.

This work in Oceania revised edition of a popular text explores the and analyzes them diverse landforms, climates, and ecosystems as products of of the Pacific island region. Multiple chap- interrelationships ters, written by leading specialists, cover the between cultur- environment, history, culture, population, and ally created mean- economy. The work includes new or completely ings and specific revised chapters on gender, music, logging, contexts.

In a series development, education, urbanization, health, of inspiring essays, ocean resources, and tourism. Although modern technology and media and Contributors stake out a novel perspective waves of continental tourists are fast eroding in which tradition figures as context-bound island cultures, the continuing resilience of articulation.

This makes it possible to view cul- Pacific island populations is apparent. Such This is the only contemporary text on the interactions are analyzed from the past down to Pacific Islands that covers both environment the Oceanian present—with indigenous agency and sociocultural issues and will thus be indis- being highlighted. Grijp, Toon van Meijl.

November est. September pp. Politicians are accused of it and cam- eignty brings together some of the freshest and paign against it. It is viewed globally as an inter- agencies. Donors, the World Bank, and NGOs national question; locally as an issue contested such as Transparency International have made between Natives and settlers; and individually it an international issue. Yet there is often as survival in everyday life. Through all this disagreement about what constitutes corrup- diversity and across the many different national tion and how seriously it matters. What some contexts from which the contributors write, the view as corrupt may be regarded as harmless chapters in this collection address each other, by others.

Existing laws have proved difficult to staging a running conversation that truly inter- enforce and seem out of step with public opin- nationalizes this most fundamental of political ion, which is often very suspicious of corrupt issues. As well as talk there is silence: People fear the consequences The contributors, Indigenous and non-Indige- of complaining. Sovereignty offers a reinvigorated besmirched. How much is really going on? How can we measure it? What types are pres- ent? Are gifts really bribes? Ann Genovese is senior lecturer at including events since the Fiji coup.

Melbourne Law School, University of Mel- bourne. Australian National University. Extracts indigenous people of New Caledonia. These texts war, how those involved explained their role reflect the coexistence of two major cultures, in the fighting, and how the war has since been indigenous and European, shaped by the ener- represented.

It explores the dynamics of fear, gies and shadows of empire and significantly violence, and warfare in a colonial setting that influenced by one another. The thologies, the book investigates the nature of author draws on a rich and largely unexploited overlapping spaces created by cultural contact colonial archive that includes administrative between Europe and the Pacific. He is French at the University of Auckland. Caledonia and currently serves on the editorial November board of the Journal of Pacific History.

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Sustainable Com- with a new world view. Part memoir, part history, part for responding to this manifold predicament. It is an inspiring work that nities, where people still maintain sustainable opens up new pathways for approaching cross- relations to each other and the natural world. Karen Haive is first assistant secretary of perceiving the past are fresh and illumi- in the Department for Community Develop- nating. Replete with a panoply of colorful government, military, and popular records, incidents, written in an easy style that eschews Chamorro scholar Keith L.

Camacho traces the academic prose, and sprinkled with colorful formation of divergent colonial and indigenous colloquialisms. For the serious scholar of histories in the Mariana Islands, an archipelago Pacific Island history, it furnishes far more located in the western Pacific and home to the than just a comprehensive coverage of Guam Chamorro people. He shows that U. Robert F. Rogers taught history and political science at the University of Guam for many December pp. This work provides There are few published grammars of the grammatical descriptions of this hitherto unde- languages of the Admiralty Islands.

This work scribed language. Fourteen chapters, contain- makes available valuable data compiled by Po ing more than 1, examples, cover topics in Minis and the New Britain missionary P. Josef the phonology and morphosyntax of Mavea, Meier for the Titan language. Meier pub- with an emphasis on the latter. Of particular lished seventy-five texts in Titan the corpus is interest are examples of individual speaker about 25, words in the journal Anthropos variation presented throughout the grammar; between and and an addendum in the presence of three linguo-labials still used The are remembered by a handful of speakers.

Part Two is a wordlist compiled from a corpus of texts of various genres con- from the texts with an English-Titan rever- versations, traditional stories, personal histo- sal. Part Three contains the texts published ries, etc. It also illustrates the importance of ethnographic texts collected in November est. April pp.

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The people are experienc- book contains the stories ing new freedoms. He encounters a country that has been six finalists for the Best Novel Extract. The perceptions When he dies suddenly of people and their lives in an accident, Libby is are fresh and poignant, devastated. The vivid imagery and intensely with her family. This evocative writing make each story and those in young adult novel is a them hauntingly memorable.

The feeling of the book is joyous and centuries of unprecedented change. June est. Tawhai and Katarina Gray-Sharp Andrew Moffat This is a collection of Showcasing fifty-seven items from the collec- papers that examine tions at Puke Ariki museum in Taranaki, Flash- the current place of the back puts a fresh light on Taranaki heritage and Treaty of Waitangi in the stories of the region and people. Molloy the mathematical ideas of Oceanic across the Pacific to bind and sustain peoples in general.

Lal densed work covering a lot of ground. It will repay careful reading. Oliver Edited by Bruno David Oliver Beyond Tradition and Modernity? For more titles in this series, go to pages Woven Gods 23 and An excellent example of how to Maude Richard Moyle 7: Weiner and Margaret Nelson Agee, The details on Malaitan the intellectual history of anthropol- relevance for the general, committed shell wealth are the best I have seen.

Lavishly produced and beauti- of the discipline as a cross-cultural island cultures.

Williams, Michael French Smith —39 A re- Edited by Harry Beran and Barry Craig despite the fact that most of its markable and erudite work. It will be Shields of Melanesia is the first com- functional roles have been usurped by welcomed by those who seek a model prehensive book of its kind and illus- Western cloth and paper. This book ethnography for the embedding of trates more than types of shields explores this apparent paradox. Lewis and the Joseph N. Looking beyond these texts, of Micronesia are judged.

Juliana Flinn reveals how women The New Shape. Francis X. Hezel, S. Winner of the Samuel Kamakau Award A Latitude 20 Book P. Undoubtably, this will be a basic Highly recommended. Lal readers alike. Blackburn book. Memoir 14 Hibbard, Glenn E. Mason, This richly illustrated book celebrates and Karen J. He helped to develop a serious —Honolulu Magazine standing of the contemporary Pacific school of contemporary art at the art movement in New Zealand.

As university by inviting internationally Island Art in Private Collections Compiled by Don R. Fredericks The A Kolowalu Book with colorful, dramatic stories. A Latitude 20 Book Sun and Rain will help children recognize and appreciate the Shy and solitary, the Hawaiian hoary But if you are in the them.

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  • Recommended for ages 1—5 right place the edge of a forest at the right time around sunset , you may Marion Coste Illustrated by Fred E. Salmon, Jr. Illustrated by Karen Kiefer ors enhance the accessible text. Thompson fish, he pulls from the sea something Illustrated by Patricia A. Wozniak not even he could have foreseen.

    Thompson Illustrated by Herbert Kawainui Kane Yuko Green Marilyn C. The large text and bird—an important part of New the book are included. Driven by dreams other vocabulary themes. A complete Where is he going?

    Loyal to the Land: The Legendary Parker Ranch, 1950–1970, vol. 2

    Recommended for ages 5—9 What will he find? Edited by Ibrahim G. Kamins Kamins, Robert E. Revised Edition Kondo Distributed for the Department Coates, Esq. Louis Samuel P. King and Randall W. Compulsory Purchase and Regula- For more information on Broken Callies Callies J. Arthur Rath Larsen and a necessity for newcomers John Charlot It is good research leading to relevance of [his] work goes beyond intellectually honest conclusions with Kane, generations. The movement. Jackson Nishimoto, and Cynthia A. Distributed for the Department and Jonathan Y.

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    The oppressive Story preserves their life portraits and round-the-clock conditions under wisdom. Okamura Published for the Biographical Issei Jan Ken Po migrant history. Ogawa The author uses archival sources and interviews Creating the Nisei Market explores throughout the twentieth century, with Cherry Blossom Festival winners how different groups within Japanese Okinawans left their homeland and to expertly document.

    Colonia nicity, and class. Given that Korean, to whiteness on the basis of hue and Okinawa, a farming settlement in Indian, and other immigrants in the culture. Using Japanese- and English- eastern Bolivia, is one such commu- US also hold beauty pageants, this language sources from the interwar nity that was established in the s. Edited by Joyce N. Nakasone For more titles in this series, go to pages 45 and But it is also inspiring: Hana The Ilse is high-spirited and stubborn and First-Generation Korean Immigrants truly a memorable character.

    Edited by Rizaline R. For more titles in this series, go to pages 44 and During World War II, parts of the world. What he Iwamatsu used his artistic talents for saw—and, even more revealing, how the U. The New Sun, which was with distant lands, in particular the published in the U. Her stories follow the fam- rather complex contemporary world. Fighting Tradition is well-. In English and Japanese. The Treasured Lei Marie A. McDonald Billy Bergin John R. Clark Billy Bergin avoid getting hurt in the water. Ambi- Ogawa and John M. Wichman cal, observing its duty toward the tale striking blockprinting, often with Wichman Edited and annotated Caren Loebel-Fried Poster Distributed for the Jonathan Napela Susan Scott and Craig Thomas, M.

    Translated by Mary K. Pukui Elbert Tenorio