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It could also help us learn about other planetary systems across the universe. Something similar may also happen in our solar system in about five billion years when the sun expands to become a red giant, swallowing up Mercury, Venus, and maybe even Earth.

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Stars and planets system in real time. Astronomy encyclopedia.


Solar Walk 2 for Education, Teachers and Students. More by Dana Peters. Orbit - Satellite Tracking.

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Dana Peters. Imitate the sound of your favourite car while you drive requires OBD adapter.

Planets are among the many worlds and smaller objects that orbit the Sun. The formal definition of planet, as voted on by the International Astronomical Union in , is as follows:.

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Under this definition, Pluto is NOT a planet, but has been deemed a dwarf planet because it has not yet cleared its orbit. This definition is under discussion, particularly by members of the planetary science community, and it may yet be further refined.

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