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Accordingly, new tourism activities and programs undergo systematic organization, based on institutional vision and prospective studies with the participation of all ministries in the government and private institutions that are directly and indirectly connected with the tourism industry. In addition to this, the annual allocated budgets for tourism by the Government and the provincial Governorates and relevant ministries implementing joint activities and programs with SCTH confirms to this point.

SCTH in collaboration with its partners has implemented a number of financial supportive and regulatory programs to stimulate the growth of tourism in various provinces. Is tourism in Saudi Arabia different from the other Arab countries and the West? Tourism is an international activity in terms of mechanisms and services. Its procedures and regulations are largely the same in different countries. However, there are small differences at times, as countries develop administrative controls on some areas of tourism related to national identity and religious principles to ensure the growth of systematic tourism activity and programs amid national security and local interaction.

Do you take up activities and projects under bilateral agreements with other stakeholders? SCTH believes in the importance of partnership in the implementation of its activities, programs and projects. Thus, it has spotted all the actors and institutions that could impact tourism activity. Accordingly, SCTH began in the bilateral agreements that provide for promoting the concept of tourism, offering its expertise as well as providing various relevant authorities with appropriate programs, in addition to the implementation of certain programs and activities through major campaigns requiring the participation of national institutions representing multiple national trends.

What are the major themes pursued by SCTH after signing partnerships with other players?

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Partnerships include a number of themes, some of these are:. Saudi tourism patterns:.

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  • What are the main types of tourism in Saudi Arabia? We find options such as, summer, sports, coastal tourism and development of resorts and desert inns, in addition to investment options in health and hospitalization, conferences, exhibitions, ecotourism and shopping tourism etc. SCTA is persistently emphasizing the existence of diversity in the Kingdom and multiplicity of tourism patterns in accordance with its size, components and multiple opportunities.

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    Tourism programs asso ciated with desert environment have been found? Desert represents a unique cultural depth in the Kingdom. Desert areas were invested on priority and began a series of programs in this context to take advantage of the sand dunes, valleys and, diverse atmospheric terrains in the Kingdom. We went about this through establishing, camps, resorts, festivals, and sports, hobbies, such as, dessert car rallies, spring festivals, desert hawks training, horse and camel racing, car skating Tateas on sand, camping among many. SCTA continues to develop tourism attraction suitable to each pattern and adds new programs on an ongoing basis.

    The long coastline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf requires exemplary openness on various tourism experiences. This prompted SCTA to pay great attention to sea-shores for development, configuration and activation. SCTA, in this context, also pays great attention to islands tourism development. Its effort in this respect received a boost with the decision of the Council of Ministers on The plans are afoot in the field of investment for the optimal configuration of marine tourism in the Kingdom.

    How do you recognize the manifestations of the diversity of tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

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    Tourism in the Kingdom is based tourism on the value of diversity, depending on the composition of the cultures and the geographical position the Kingdom occupies. This results in varied aspects of tourism patterns, with variety of professions and aspects of dwellings etc. A number of devices are contributing to the industry, with a variety of modern methods in their service. SCTA is taking care to establish all these verities through a strategic vision.

    It requires the importance of having multiple programs and activities that are commensurate with the diversity of the Kingdom. There are many aspects of traditional tourism in the Kingdom, and there could be new ones as well. Do you give equal treatment to both? SCTA took care of the known patterns of tourism, and contributed to their development, and also worked hard in the creation of new patterns of tourism that are relate to various aspects of tourism in the Kingdom. It has opened the doors of communication with parties and individuals to receive new suggestions and ideas and developed multiple mechanisms to benefit from the experiences of various countries and tourism agencies in the world.

    But of course, the vision of SCTA and the fundamental Saudi environment pattern will take the lead in all this. What are the creative strategies adopted by SCTA? The patterns of innovation in the Saudi tourism are manifold and these are achieved through various activities and programs.

    The phenomenon of festivals and events are active examples of seasonal events in Saudi Arabia. What are the main advantages of this activity? Within the paths of innovation in tourism, based on the nature of individual city in the Kingdom, cultural festivals and entertainment have been activated and then linked these products directly to the national tourism, which has a great public dimension.

    These tourism types have taken their tourism components from their direct environment. This way, the new tourism visions created are contributing to the national tourism. Of these many tourism activities, they can be classified as, festivals of equestrian, flowers, perfumes and multi-arts, in addition to festivals of all cities. With Saudi Arabia's vast economic boom, has the tourism of exhibitions and conferences gained attention? Growth of Tourism tracks is symmetric, where the growth of exhibitions and conferences is closely linked to the economic aspect, which is witnessing resurgence in the Kingdom.

    Hence, the exhibitions and conference tourism has been given required attention in order for the sector to reach all international standards consistent with locations and the needs. Accordingly, major cities in the Kingdom have become attractive locations for such a tourism activity. The economic motive presents an ongoing challenge to business to achieve a high ceiling of preparation and to engage in this area of investment excellence. How do you deal with the traditional patterns of tourism?

    SCTA deals with diverse tourism types in accordance with an integrated administrative methodology. The patterns of traditional tourism have already been listed and multiple studies on their emotional dimension and potential of their being reproduced again have been conducted. Research outcomes paved the way for developing regulatory frameworks to reproduce traditional souks, long-established games and traditional crafts through private and public institutions. These are experiencing a high demand from all segments of society. Has the traditional vision on tourism been addressed and new outlets opened?

    SCTA undertakes marketing the concept of tourism that enhances national, religious and social values and while not contradicting them. It stresses the importance of acquisition of national and cultural values in order to show respect, care and preservation of them. This is considered a shift in the social awareness towards tourism. Observers have noted the existence of such a positive shift for community-based tourism.

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    How did SCTA invest in environmental sites that are suitable for tourism marketing? The large geographical area of the Kingdom provides a wide range of natural reserves that offers an opportunity for tourist an enjoyable experience, whether in deserts, mountains, valleys or forests. There are fifteen natural reserves in the Kingdom that include various flora and fauna of the Kingdom. Tourism and Development:. What are the special features of tourism across the provinces of the Kingdom? The most significant Saudi features that can be noticed by tourists are:. How far tourism impacts Saudi cities and provinces?

    Tourism directly impacts Saudi citizen by reviving economy, creating attention to the local products, opening new areas for investment, strengthening the social fabric through securing special tourism incubators. Tourism activity also creates environmental and cultural identities for cities and provinces when their own environmental potentials such as mountains, deserts and similar products are being properly invested. Does tourism activity boost national economy benefiting citizens?

    Certain features of tourism impact economy directly, especially for individuals, through provision of jobs and means of production as well as providing social and cultural development in various forums, particularly when media assumes duty towards various national proceedings, monitoring a number of events and activities, related to such as foods and sports in different regions, held seasonally through various tourism events. How is the principle of decentralization applied in the management of tourism affairs throughout the 14 provinces of the Kingdom? SCTA is creating new mechanism to provide provinces and local communities with broad powers in the tourism industry according to their local conditions.

    In this context it has established tourism development council in many of the provinces of the Kingdom, as well as has established sixteen Provincial Tourism Organizations PTOs in its efforts to provide logistic of human needs. SCTA also undertakes supervision, coordination, and planning and programs. This decentralized approach allows provinces sensing their direct function in tourism development, as well as generating sense of positive competition among provinces. What is the administrative mechanism of SCTA's provincial bodies?

    SCTA's provincial bodies are undertaking a number of tasks, including the following:. What is the benefit of manifestations of traditional souks and old residential areas in tourism development? Traditional souks and old residential areas are representing key factor for tourism development. SCTA has dealt with this type of tourism quite early, and in collaboration with stakeholders in all regions it has transformed old residential areas and traditional souks into preserved elements with tourism attraction, until they begin to take their full presence in the tourist programs.

    Traditional locations Such as palaces, heritage towns and heritage villages represent an integral part of a modern city in the Kingdom. Have these attracted tourism development? Tourism in the Kingdom goes on two balanced lines; innovation and development. SCTA has developed the regulatory framework to take care of these through systematic development and rehabilitation through the contributions of SCTA and the private sector.

    What about the heritage houses? SCTA has made a number of tourism programs to regulate the personal procession of archeological and heritage items by some Saudi citizens, because it believe that tourism work is a shared and common tendency for all. In addition to owner's acceptance to invest the site, there are many criteria that should be met, including: historical significance and age of the building, building's core function, rarity as architectural distention, the condition of the building or construction sites and the proportion of damage or deterioration and the possibility of re-employment of the building for tourism purposes or investment.

    What are the requirements to obtain funding from the SCSB? Finally the owner should have, not more than two such service facilities, should not have been convicted in breach of trust previously, he should not be debtor to the bank for any another project and the availability of feasibility study. How would you describe shopping tourism in the Kingdom? This prompted shopping tourism to appear in multiple patterns like traditional stores, large international shopping malls. At the same, the Saudi market is well qualified to compete with international products.

    All this contributes to the economic mobility of tourism. What are the aspects of tourism investment of the big time spent by Saudi family during shopping process? Markets started to absorb modern patterns pertaining to the various desires of family shopping by extending commercial product like game arcades, recreational areas, cosmetic centers, training centers, and provide additional options of shopper services, such as mail services, internet cafes, coffee parlors and others, so that the phenomenon of shopping area is comprising of a number of events.

    What are the tourism plans that accompany expansion of economic projects of huge economic scale? SCTA develops multiple frameworks to ensure quality output of tourism, because it believes that the richness and the geographic diversity in the Kingdom is able to embrace various huge economic projects with tourism vision. Addressing to this, SCTA has developed many courses of actions to accommodate modern, improved and innovative.

    SCTA mobilizes its full potential to stimulate all the new ideas visions. Is the local business interested in the tourism vision and the models presented by SCTA? SCTA is committed to the business with its tourism vision, and so out of national principles and the faith in partnership with community in achieving the constants of the homeland, SCTA presents its programs and activities reinforced through explanation and detailed clarifications. Through the survey of multiple perspectives taken from the business itself coupled with the views offered by economists, intellectuals and journalists.

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    However, SCTA's put its responsibility and its partners and programs to test and evaluation, and closely follows up the achievements and activities ensuring good performance. What are the main areas of cooperation with economic sector to enable tourism projects in their activities? Through partnerships and bilateral agreements SCTA attempts to promote tourism programs and activities as a national duty towards economic organization as a source of income, and this aspect of achieving balanced growth in economic activity and tourism becomes a big challenge before the Commission, which makes it depend on businessmen's awareness of national tourism to adopt this vision.

    Does SCTA react with economic sector with tourism and what are the most prominent manifestations of this? One of the biggest advantages of tourism in the Kingdom is it opens various economic areas, allowing several big economic opportunities from which individuals and SMEs may form special projects. SCTA in this respect also supports and promotes this tendency, designing required training courses on the correct ways for starting small projects which have special importance due to diversity of their areas as well as their importance for providing jobs to Saudis, specially for youth in addition to the effective contribution of these projects in the development of society regionally and nationally through partnership and close cooperation with relevant authorities.

    Here it should be noted that, many individuals and establishments have succeeded in small projects related to tourism services in the light of SCTA's efforts towards providing unlimited support to SMEs like handicrafts, tour operators, travel agencies, tourist guides and tourism information and promotion agencies. How could tourism in the Kingdom benefit from citizen in general and youth in particular in operation and management of tourism activity?

    SCTA's work priorities are based on its national responsibility, and since the launch of tourism activities it has been looking for the best ways to achieve its strategic goals, the most important of which were - increase and Saudize tourism jobs in line with the increased requirement of the society as well as steady growth in SCTA's activities, which provided huge opportunity for benefiting from citizens' varied qualifications, forefront of them is the youth sector.

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    • How was SCTA successful in the execution of its administrative vision benefiting from citizens in tourism programs? SCTA has started this vision through establishing vocational standards, preparing training programs in accordance with the international standards in an effort to prepare qualified and distinguished specialists in the field of tourism in collaboration with partners in public and private sectors, universities, training centers, and scholarship programs in order to train human recourses throughout the following tourism activities:.

      Is there any arrangement between the various tourism fields for the sake of the unity of tourist attractions to achieve higher economic benefits? Foundation of SCTA was an important step to achieve an organizational unity for tourism activities and programs; SCTA for his purpose has laid out general frameworks that may adjust progress of tourism activities and programs. Administrative structure of SCTA was established on the decentralization principle, plans. Frameworks are the same but areas of implementation are various within a general framework laid by SCTA in order to ensure unity of vision and objectives.

      Did tourism organizational plans developed to restore activity of old historic souks like Souk Okaz? Accordingly, it has set comprehensive plans to restore tourism activity to these souks in collaboration with relevant authorities like the provincial Amaras. Information and surveys :. What is the rate of turnout of Saudi citizens to domestic tourism? There are specific seasons during which the rate of domestic tourism increases significantly, even periodical growth of rates of Saudi tourists are remarkable from the study of specific locations or locations that SCTA and relevant authorities have just finished developing.

      This not only refutes the sayings that - citizen does not prefer domestic tourism - rather it confirms the rates of growth in domestic tourism and these rates are in gradual increasing in the light of constant successes achieved by SCTA due to the partnerships and mutual agreements it applies and in the first place due to citizen's increased awareness. Is there big difference between Saudi tourism experience and Arabic and international experiences?

      Tourism concepts and patterns are similar, while diversity in environment and geography is an area of difference between countries. Therefore, most of the areas of tourism are the same across the world including provided services, while uniqueness and particularity remain the most important features of places. Here, we must confirm that, mainly the targeted sector by Saudi tourism is the Saudi tourist.

      Accordingly, most of tourism's patterns are compatible to Saudi tourist's aspirations. What are investment rates that Saudi tourism must reach? What is the rate of tourism revenues in the Kingdom? SCTA has predicted that tourism's revenues during to reach around SR 66 billion with a growth rate reaching 4. The total tourism revenues are expected to reach SR billion by and SR billion by What is the number of available jobs in tourism activities and what is the rate of Saudis employees on these jobs?

      What is the rate of international tourists in the Kingdom? Major focus of tourism activities in the Kingdom is directed to the Saudi citizen and the expatriates in the Kingdom as key priority of SCTA, which does not conflict with the existence of specialized programs for foreign tourists. SCTA in this respect has finalized e-visa program in collaboration with the ministries of interior and foreign affairs. The system was launched in , and it started covering an elite group of foreign tourists to many tourism sties in the Kingdom.

      What is the growth rate in tourism of festivals and domestic celebrations? Growth rate in tourism festivals and domestic celebrations is recording notable growth, media and economic vibrant competition could be seen by all concerned people while celebrations started to gradually attract various sectors besides, being occasions that are awaited by all relevant authorities throughout provinces in addition to their significant economic impact on the notable activity that accompany these events. Investment Services:. What are the key features of tourism sites development?

      SCTA continuously enriches tourism sites with developmental vision. Development wheel does not stop at the time of opening and operation only, but projects of development remain vivid, for this reason SCTA holds seminars and brain storming workshops in an effort to be updated in dealing with tourism sites, setting up new programs as well as providing daily and permanent services, paying great attention to tourism products in conjunction with preservation of tourism sites.

      What dose tourism income represent to the Kingdom? Tourism income represents a key indicator to tourism activity in the Kingdom, where statistics have indicated continual rise in it according to multiplicity of tourism areas and patterns, which has led to diversity and overcrowding in tourism organizations as well as the activities and the programs of these organizations. Upon SCTA's authority on tourism sector in the Kingdom it generally sponsors any kind of tourism activity throughout the country.

      It also assumes supervision, organization and development of tourism activities and seasonal events. Tourism income has contributed in large multiplicity in areas of the national economy in the Kingdom, because economic activities no longer is confined to regular areas, like stocks and real estates and the like, besides tourism activities have created new and recurrent jobs in addition to different areas of work and specialization.

      What are the most significant areas of investment in domestic tourism? Kingdom's vast area with geographical and cultural diversity requires large areas of investment. Here we have to refer to the most prominent investment trends which include tourism accommodation facilities, restaurants, supply service, exhibitions and conferences, tourism and travel agencies, tourist guide services, banks, various trades, medical care and entertainment services. What are the areas of work allowed by SCTA to businessmen? SCTA does not focus on multiplicity of work areas only, but it also secures incubators and attractive environment as well as provides different required services to ensure investment growth and continuity.

      In response to this, SCTA has established investment service centers and tourism licensing in an effort to provide appropriate environment to communicate with investors. Besides, SCTA provides required information on tourism investment, offers investment incentives, addressing investment obstacles especially financial obstacles, which required from SCTA to sign a number of agreements and memorandum of cooperation with funding authorities such as Saudi Credit and Saving Bank SCSB , Millennium Fund, Human Recourses Fund, Council of Saudi Chambers, in addition to a number of national banks.

      Is there any intention to launch an economic project to establish huge tourism destinations that could provide integrated tourism experience? SCTA through its upcoming steps seeks to establish a holding company for tourism development, in an effort to determine tourism possible opportunities as well as establishing sub-tourism development companies across new tourism areas in partnership with public and private sectors. SCTA also in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance seeks to set up mechanisms for long-term renting of public tourism lands in an effort to attract investors and relevant owners, providing Okaz Souk as tourism cultural destination for investment to private sector in addition to providing Al Thomama Southern Park project as entertainment destination.

      Are there any prepared future plans for offer to businessmen? SCTA, through studies and research centers as well as in communication with assisting authorities, is developing future tourism programs to be offered to investors, businessmen chambers councils and companies in order to execute the economic part of these programs. SCTA then will follow up tourism affairs in these programs. SCTA, on the other hand, offers its services and experience to study the proposed projects.

      SCTA also conducts a number of studies, in collaboration with national and international consultation firms, to study tourism investment opportunities across different provinces of the Kingdom and offer these projects as investment portfolios to investors and businessmen who wish to engage in areas of tourism investment in the Kingdom.

      SCTA, based on its strong belief that the work it does is an important national duty, and the area of performance of this duty is the entire homeland, besides its audience is all the citizens in the Kingdom which requires the contribution of all the relevant aforementioned authorities based on the broad vision that was approved by the Council of Ministers upon which SCTA was authorized to run the tourism sector in the Kingdom.

      Do tourism's different investment areas have required regulations? Any authority or individual that deals with SCTA or benefits from its programs in addition to the targeted group, mainly the tourists, could access to the detailed regulations in this respect via SCTA's official website www. Did tourism investment areas allow creativity, diversity and upgrading?

      In view of the great riches of Saudi nature, SCTA gives special importance to raising the cultural values that are associated with the daily work, including, creativity and development. SCTA does not offer final formula of its programs and activities, but its 'idea laboratory' is ever active and constantly remains keen to shift its works and programs into new environments and prospects. How could businessmen communicate with SCTA to plan for investment projects? It makes it easy to scan through your lists and keep track of progress. Here's an example of what they look like:.

      Your reading intentions are also stored in your profile for future reference. To set a reading intention, click through to any list item, and look for the panel on the left hand side:. For help Email: resourcelists exeter. A divided discipline? Mendaftar Login Registrasi Fundraising: Utama Questioning Geography: Fundamental Debates.

      Each of the chapters focuses on a key issue that has divided or galvanised geographers in their work. Covers both human and physical geography. Includes essay questions and suggestions for further reading. Demonstrates to students the distinctiveness and vitality of modern geography. Tahun: Edisi: 1. Bahasa: english. ISBN