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Metropolitan institutional reform and the rescaling of state space in contemporary western Europe. European Urban and Regional Studies , 10 4 , — New state spaces: urban governance and the rescaling of statehood. Spaces of neoliberalism: urban restructuring in North America and western Europe. State space in question.

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Dr Gordon MacLeod

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Neil Brenner

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Insights from Border Regions: Joachim K. Blatter University of Konstanz. Subject Index.

Urban Governance and the Production of New State Spaces in Western Europe, 1960–2000

Name Index. The primacy of forms of government organized along traditional, Westphalian lines has been undermined by the unprecedented rise of supranational and subnational levels of state power and by the proliferation of new forms of governance. This groundbreaking, interdisciplinary volume brings together diverse analyses of these ongoing transformations of state space.


The contributions explore state restructuring on multiple spatial scales, and from a wide range of theoretical, methodological, and empirical perspectives. They provide innovative analyses of key theoretical and topical issues, including:The nature of state space under modern capitalismThe historical geographies of the Westphalian interstate systemThe transformation of state territoriality under conditions of 'globalization'The changing roles of national states in socioeconomic regulationThe governance of cross-border regions, global cities, and offshore financial centersThe consolidation of new supranational regulatory arrangementsThe geographical rearticulating of struggles over citizenship and democracyAnalyses are supported by case study material covering Western Europe, North America, and East Asia, as well as parts of Africa and South America.

The volume will be welcomed by students seeking an overview of this new field of inquiry, and by scholars concerned to decode contemporary patterns of state restructuring. Subject State, The. Local government. Bibliographic information. Publication date ISBN hbk. Browse related items Start at call number: JC S77