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To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 11, times. Categories: Church Management and Maintenance. Learn more Arrange a meeting with your Pastor assuming of course, that you are not the Pastor and the church elders. Present your idea about having a library at the Church. Have a written letter that details what you are proposing so that it is easy to talk through the points or to add onto your ideas. Consider the following: who will you loan books to the community or just the congregation , how long will you loan books out for, creating a committee to decide on which books should be included, when should books be taken out of the collection, how will the books be arranged e.

Mark on the calendar days that the library will be running.

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Try to keep a running total of the number of materials checked out and how many people visit to show how useful the library is to your community. Decide where in the Church building to have the library. Make sure that this area is well ventilated and not a humid space. Also make sure that this area is accessible for all of your members.

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Start creating a list of concepts that would benefit the congregation. Order from www. The three preceding books are expensive, but items a and c above at least are essential. If you determine that you will classify all of your church library books in the Dewey classification, then you can get by without item b, but if you want to use the wider range of Dewey classifications for example, the classification for history , then you will need item b as well. Most of the church libraries I consulted before using Dewey used the whole range of Dewey classifications.

Available from Lifeway.

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Contains the Dewey classifications used most by church libraries to classify their entire stock. Supplies to process books can be obtained at local bookstores or by mail-order book pockets, date due slips, checkout cards, labels, label protectors, book jackets for hard-cover books, tape for book jackets, date stampers and ink pads, boxes for checkout cards of books in circulation. Lifeway Christian Stores www. Or they can be obained directly from the supplier, Brodart Co. Brodart also has a web site at www. Other supplies that can be purchased at more general locations include:.

Clear contact paper to cover paperbacks, if desired available at grocery stores with shelf papers. Rubber stamp with church name, if desired available from office supply stores. Local seminary bookstore.

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  6. DTS also has a consignment section for sale of used books by students. Phone number is Now affiliated with Ligonier see 5 below, and Ligonier web page. Their titles can also be purchased from Cumberland or Amazon as well as Ligonier. Sproul; teaching videos, books, etc. Books for various age groups of children and youth Bible stories for various age levels, fiction for various age levels, issues books for teens.

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    Good overall series—accessible for beginning students, but challenging enough for advanced students:. Generally for more advanced, or at least well informed laymen, but highly recommended for library:. Bruce, Zondervan, revised Contributors are related to Dallas Seminary; Dispensational. He also covers books on church history, reference books, and books on a large number of theological topics.

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    Define any desired parameters or limitations for doctrinal stance of commentaries and theology books for library. Determine whether you will use a manual card catalog with typed cards for author, title, and subject, OR, a computer based catalog and circulation system. Process books prepare and install pockets, date due slip, checkout card, spine label; cover paperbacks with contact paper or add clear book jacket covers to dust jackets of hard-backs.

    Someone to handle circulation; monitor past dues; file cards; OR input into computer. If you will have videocassettes, you will need to get a supply of empty plastic boxes to put the videos in, like the ones at Blockbuster in pre-DVD days. The video boxes have clear plastic sleeves, so you can cut up the cardboard box the video came in, and insert into the sleeves for easy identification.

    The video boxes are available from Brodart www. It is very important to have full support from pastor and church leaders. They can encourage the members to establish regular reading habits, and can recommend specific books.