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Relactation tips

The good news is that with the proper guidance, diagnosis and treatment the majority of these issues can be resolved and breastfeeding can continue comfortably. Getting help for your breastfeeding problem can sometimes be challenging.

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Using my years of experience in the field, I have compiled the articles and photographs in this site to help you find out the cause of your problem and to guide you and your healthcare provider with an appropriate treatment plan. Take a look at the Problem List below. Other techniques that can be helpful include frequent pumping and breast compressions to further stimulate the breast to make milk. During this whole process, the first principle must always be kept in mind: feed the baby!

The Breastfeeding Relactation.

Whether the baby eventually receives all his or her nourishment from the breast, or even just a part of it, the mother should be congratulated on her efforts and be reassured that any breast milk is better than none. In general, the younger the baby is such as less than 3 months old , the more successful relactation and getting back to the breast is.

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Advice on Relactation

Already have an account? What is relactation, and how do I do it? Lots of skin-to-skin time and breast stimulation is important in successful relactation.

My Relactation Journey (by Shahirah Hassan, Eve Love Lactation Consultant)

It's also considered to be safe to take long-term. Side effects such as headache, stomach cramps, and dry mouth can occur but tend to be uncommon. It warns against the use of this drug for anyone, especially breastfeeding women. Reports of serious heart problems and sudden death have been associated with the intravenous IV use of this medication, so the FDA has deemed it unsafe. Therefore, in the US, it is illegal to import, sell or compound domperidone except for specific patients with severe stomach issues, and only after a doctor submits a special request to the FDA.

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Helping your baby to breastfeed

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The Breastfeeding Relactation

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