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It names names, important dates, and important events and keeps them within the well-defined context of his frame of reference.

The Secret CIA Campaign to Influence Culture: Covert Cultural Operations (2000)

That reference is the internal political battles over whether the CIA is—or wants to be—essentially an intelligence-gathering analysis establishment or a covert operations unit applying physical force of some kind in the field. The descriptions of the influence of personal perspectives goes on.

Hidden Hand: A Brief History of the cia | Journal of American History | Oxford Academic

This history of internal conflict—between intelligence gathering and covert actions, assessment and analysis against political predispositions—carries throughout this short history. An aspect not examined by Immerman is the predisposition of anyone working for the CIA having such a strong pro-U. It is understandably not questioned in the book, as the book is vetted by the CIA itself.

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The best intelligence officers would be pathologically neutral, without preconceived thoughts, able to gather all intelligence that related to the topic at hand and be able to analyze its various ramifications. As it stands, Immerman is affected by this as well, being a part of the very institution he is criticizing, making it a rather sanitary history, one acceptable to the CIA institution itself, but also to the greater audience that might read the book.

Does he truly believe that these coups were successes, completely or partially? Are they successes within their particular limited time frame and geopolitical constructs without consideration of the long term consequences, which were quite disastrous, especially for the citizens of the countries involved?

The Hidden Hand: A Brief History of the CIA / Edition 1

Or is this a paraphrased comment taken from a citation given at the end of his paragraph? Within hours, bin Laden was the guilty culprit, the evidence was being destroyed, and the government resisted attempts at an investigation. The CIA became the scapegoat for the incident, deflecting criticism away from the longstanding tenure of the neocons mentioned in the work Wolfowitz, Pipes, Wohlstetter, Rumsfield, Scowcroft, Cheney, Feith, Nitze, et al who had operated under Reagan and then been reborn under G.

The book closes with a discussion on terrorism and drones, a valid discussion in reference to the CIA. CIA covert and overt operations.

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So what are the continuing and emerging threats? Survival: Global Politics and Strategy, 1 January Meantime, as far as the book under review is concerned, It s a very well written piece of history and well referenced with numerous end-of-chapter source notes. Nurturing Potential, 1 March Richard H.

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Immerman is Professor and Edward J. Imperialism from Benjamin Franklin to Paul Wolfowitz He currently chairs the Historical Advisory Committee to the U. Department of State.

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