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Such a translation f respects the logical connectives so, e. Thus Solovay's arithmetical completeness theorem gives an alternative way to construct many nonprovable sentences. In recent years, logicians have investigated many other systems of arithmetic that are weaker than Peano arithmetic. This result shows a strength of provability logic: For many different theories, PRL captures exactly what those theories say about their own provability predicates. At the same time this is of course a weakness: For example, provability logic does not point to any differences between those theories that are finitely axiomatizable and those that are not.

In order to be able to speak in a modal language about such distinctions between theories, researchers have extended provability logic in many different ways, only a few of which are mentioned here.

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Finally, one can of course study predicate provability logic. Vardanyan proved that the set of always provable sentences of predicate provability logic is not even recursively enumerable, so it has no reasonable axiomatization.

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Artemov, S. Boolos, G. The Logic of Provability. New York : Cambridge University Press, Jumelet, and F. Self-Reference and Modal Logic.

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Incompleteness separates truth and provable, and machines can justify this in some way. More importantly incompleteness entails the distinction between many intensional variants of provability.

Eoin Moore --- The Arithmetical Completeness and Soundness of the Logic of Proofs.

It is incompleteness which makes this logic different from the logic of provability. I will recall thought experience which motivates the use of those intensional variants to associate a knower and an observer in some canonical way to the machines or the numbers. We will in this way get an abstract and phenomenological theology of a machine M through the true logics of their true self-referential abilities even if not provable, or knowable, by the machine itself , in those different intensional senses.

This provides a logic of the observable, as expected by the Universal Dovetailer Argument, which will be recalled briefly, and which can lead to a comparison of the machine's logic of physics with the empirical logic of the physicists like quantum logic. This leads also to a series of open problems.