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The spew of Moore, and others who echo it, is toxic. I have written a lengthy article about this, originally intended for the No B. Business Success book, omitted through editorial decisions, and subsequently published in my autobiography, Unfinished Business, which you can find information about at www.

Visit BusinessAndMedia. BMI publishes my political column and numerous other leading columnists and thought-leaders, and posts new information and commentary daily. The truth is that the biggest, fastest-growing, most expansive and expanding segment of the American population is mass affluent, not poor. Admittedly, this trend was temporarily slowed by recession, but demographics guarantee that it will pick up steam and hit a faster stride than ever before, post-recession, in The New Economy. Here's something interesting about affluence. I was born in Owning the color TV in the neighborhood was a sign of affluence.

Wealth AHraction in the New Economy" 43 pool. That was a big deal. Getting a new car, a big deal. In the 70s, the two-car household was affluent. Now it's a two-home household.

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A few years back, when I was still flying commercial, on a flight from Cleveland to Orlando, I realized through conversation that every single person in the first class seats owned a home in Cleveland and another home in Florida. There is, right now, this minute, more disposable income by any measurement-dollars, percentages, ratios, you pick the statistics you like-than ever before. There are more people invested in real estate in addition to their homes and in the stock market than ever, and despite stalls and reverse in values and value growth of these assets, there are more millionaires than ever before.

The biggest wealth transfer in American history from my parents' generation to mine is in progress, with another to follow, from my generation to the next. On top of that, new categories of products and services, new entertainments and recreations, new industries, new opportunities abound. Stop and think about all the businesses that didn't even exist when you were a kid. I marvel at it all. It seems that every day, somebody invents another new means of attracting wealth. Consider the simple but fast-growing homebased business of mommy-blogging.

If you've never heard of it, it's nearly nine years old, and expanding exponentially. A growing list of major corporations have moved from merely giving free product samples to paying sponsorship fees, per-posting fees, and ad dollars to stay-at-home mommies who use and write about their products on their blogs, giving mom-to-mom recommendations. Most of these bloggers are small-time operators, picking up free products, a few hundred dollars a month, maybe an all-expense paid junket now and again, like a family trip to Sea World.

But an increasing number are moving up to thousands of dollars in monthly income, some even more. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy secured from advertisers. The activity has become so significant that, in mid, the Federal Trade Commission began discussions about regulating it as advertising media and imposing requirements for disclosures about payments received by the bloggers.

This grass-roots, made-by-moms activity is likely to morph into an organized, substantial industry generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year and, yes, creating wealth for many involved-as well as for up-and-coming businesses that find ways to use this unusual advertising and marketing media. This is but one of literally thousands of examples of new wealth-creation devices and opportunities springing to life all around you. I am absolutely convinced that if you don't do well financially in America today, it is either due to utter ignorance of opportunity or choice.

It definitely is NOT due to lack of opportunity. You need to be convinced of this, too. These fact-based beliefs are essential to turning off wealth inhibition and turning up wealth attraction.

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If you do not share these beliefs, if you doubt and question the fact of unlimited, readily available abundance of both opportunity and money, then you need to invest time and energy on your own fact-finding research mission and make this sale to yourself. Otherwise, to borrow from a past friend, the late Jim Newman, author of the fine book Release Your Brakes, you are driving down the highway to wealth, one foot on the gas but the other foot riding the brake. I was making small talk with a female patient, Sally R. This fateful Monday, Sally casually mentioned, "Could you be a little careful today?

Saturday I had a deep tissue massage and I'm a bit sore still, mostly in my neck:' I was stunned. As if a bucket of ice water had been thrown in my face. But I stayed calm and in the same casual tone as hers, asked where she'd received the massage. And she told me-in glowing terms-of going to the new, fancy spa on Columbus Avenue. By the way, I don't think you've ever met my husband. He and his partner own the big law firm across from the courthouse downtown, the one with the clock on the building's tower. Anyway, when I went to the spa for my first appointment, they asked me if I had any other issues I told them I come here to have my back cracked.

Felt betrayed. Sally'd been poor-mouthing me to the point I'd reduced her per visit charges, and agreed to send her a bill at the end of each month rather than having her pay per-visit. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy married to a prominent attorney. I later got over being angry at her and rightfully got good and mad AT ME. When Sally left, she even put off making her next appointments because "it's just so expensive and I don't want to run up too big a bill. I'll call you if I start feeling badly. Thanks, Dr. Johnson, indeed. I sat down and thought about what had just happened-and how it w as certainly a "dirty little secret" among many of my other patients, and other chiropractors' patients from coast to coast.

Maybe you've heard the author and speaker Jim Rohn talk about "the day that turned his life around. It liberated me, from being slave to what I thought others could or would pay, and emboldened me to charge what I was worth-and work for no less. Johnson operates a thriving, successful, multi-therapy clinic with emphasis on treating patients with chronic pain conditions in Appleton, Wisconsin.

He also provides consulting and business coaching on "The Johnson Methods" for innovative treatment, practice development, and practice management to thousands of chiropractic physicians nationwide. Contact him at www. Over the years, quite a few have privately confessed their lack of financial success to me, and expressed puzzlement over it. Typically, the conversation has to do with their idea of "justice. There are also a lot of these people who perpetually , beat themselves up, with the idea that their lack of financial success is about them somehow not deserving it, so they need to work on themselves, to be a more deserving person.

While a sense of deserving is critically important to wealth attraction, there's a much bigger mental and emotional block stopping the flow of wealth to many. If I just think more positively, [keyword: just] things will turn around. Not that you will turn things around. It's a difference between passive and active. The statement about negotiation puts the responsibility for outcomes on you. And it acknowledges a very important fact: The marketplace does not function on fairness. If that were true, top talent would always win out; we know it does not.

The safest wager in the world is that, somewhere, there are starving artists with infinitely more talent than Thomas Kincade or Robert Wyland. Doubt it? Ask any starving artists about Kincade! Somewhere, there are starving writers with infinitely more talent than James Patterson or Stephen King. During the nine years that I was one of only two fixtures on the biggest, most successful public seminar tour in America, visiting 25 to 27 cities a year, drawing 10, to 35, people to each event, and being paid over a million dollars a year, countless professional speakers struggling just to pay their bills puzzled aloud, to others behind my back, some to my face, how this could be--clearly I was not as "good" a speaker as they were or as many others were.

And I cheerfully acknowledged they were right about that. I have sometimes been sympathetic, sometimes amused with their befuddlement and frustration. They just couldn't grasp that money does not move from one place or person to another simply and purely because of fairness. Talent can attract wealth, but superior talent alone very rarely does. Instead, there is a combination of magnetic forces put to work by those who most successfully attract wealth, notably those described in this book.

The No B.S. Guide To Winning Online No Limit Texas Hold em

Responsibility is a very powerful wealth attractant. To rewrite the Karrass statement, I would say: You don't get what you inherently deserve. You get what you deliberately and intentionally attract not only by who you are but also by what you think, say, do, and get others to do. By the situations, circumstances, contacts, relationships, and opportunities you engineer. Being an exceptionally talented person alone is not sufficient.

Being a moral, spiritual, "good," deserving person alone is just not sufficient. In a purely fair marketplace, it might be. But it isn't. In many ways, The New Economy is even harsher in its rejection of those who feel entitled by virtue or talent or some similar attribute, because consumers have so many more choices in every category, so much more media vying for their attention, so much more competition by creative, aggressive, determined, and persistent entrepreneurs and marketers who do accept full and complete responsibility for their outcomes.

On the other hand, The New Economy offers greater opportunity than ever for those who "get it. Thinking that virtue or talent or superior product quality or service entitles you to success is fantastical and foolish. Our collective ability to attract wealth somehow justifies others' evil toward us. Therefore, we should close the Defense Department and take all that money and divide it up between the less-fortunate people in all these other countries, and we should spend it on churches and moral education in this country, and we wouldn't need a Defense Department. If we're just "better people," we'll be more deserving of peace and tranquility and security, and we'll have it.

This idea is championed by fools. If you want to philosophically fantasize that this is the way the world should work, that's fine. But don't suggest it's the way the world does work. COM Money has no moral conscience. It finds its way into the hands of pornographers just as it does Bible publishers. And I mean no disrespect to either. Trying to impose your opinions of "good" and "bad," "moral" and "irruhoral," "deserving" and "undeserving" onto money is even more futile than trying to impose them on people.

Money moves based on non-judgmental market forces, not morality. Wealth AHraction in the New Economy" 31 selling the better or even best product, or delivering the finest service does not automatically entitle you to wealth nor does it do anything to directly strengthen your wealth attraction. If you think that you should be financially rewarded because you are honest, hard-working, and kind to old people and pets, you're in for a very disappointing life. If you think God should intervene with the lotto on your behalf because you volunteer at the soup kitchen, you'll wind up disliking God.

And clinging to these Pollyannaish, erroneous beliefs stands in the way of wealth moving to you. If you want to easily attract a lot of money, you have to come to grips with what money is and isn't, the very nature of money, the energy of money, and how money moves about from one home to another. Money doesn't have a conscience. It's paper. That's all it is. It's just paper. It's not significantly different than the paper that's in your book. It's green and it's got some kind of woven crap in it so that, theoretically, we can't counterfeit it.

But it's paper. It doesn't know if you're a priest or a pornographer. Look, it's paper. Nothing less. It doesn't have a conscience, it doesn't know what you are, doesn't know what you do, doesn't care. It just moves around. That's all. If money or the movement of money functioned on conscience, there never could be a Bernie Madoff, not even for a week let alone two decades.

There couldn't have been a JessieJames or a John Dillinger. The money would stop before it got to them. It would put on the brakes. It would speak. It would say, "Wait a minute! You're doing something we don't approve of. We're not coming into your hands. Go back! But it doesn't do that. Money has its own, different definition of "fairness. Wealth AHraction in the New Economy I was recently reviewing a transcript of Jim Rohn's speech from a Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle'" 5uperConference and caught the most concise explanation yet of why so many people go through life disappointed about money, envious and resentful of others' prosperity, mystified by others they view of lesser credentials or ability doing so much better than they are; and why all liberal or socialist redistribution of wealth fails so miserably.

Rohn said, "Money does not go to need:' A lot of people think it should, and that's why they are so frustrated. Money does not accept your ideas of its moral responsibility or of justice, and cannot be governed by them. The fact that you need more customers, sales, or profits to meet payroll or stay in business or send your kids to college or retire is of no interest to money, is unattractive to money, on many levels, even repellant to it.

Anyone who focuses on their need attracts more need. Every attempt to force money to go and live with the needy fails; the money crawls out the window in dark of night and escapes. Visit www. That's its fairness: simple, basic, primal cause and effect. That doesn't mean you should be a pornographer.

I'm not suggesting that. It doesn't mean you should run a Ponzi scheme. What I'm suggesting is you've got to get out of your head that by not doing "bad" things and by doing things that are "good," that alone attracts and multiplies. It doesn't. It may make your next life a better deal.

You may be in a cool place instead of a warm place. You may not come back as a toad. Whatever your belief system is about afterlife, it may have impact there. But here and now, there are cause-and-effect principles of wealth attraction completely separated from virtue. Forget the entire idea of entitlement. Focus on engineering-on engineering a situation for yourself that weaves together all the magnetic forces that influence the movement of money and puts them to work on your behalf.

Accepting Your Role and Responsibilities O h, you're an entrepreneur? Surely you know that's what some people think about you, say about you behind your back.

A successful entrepreneur drives down the street in his RollsRoyce or builds his mansion. If not to his face, behind his back, many grumble about his greed. But if they hit the mega-millions lottery they might very well do the same things-most lottery winners do. It's not a moral objection to greed they're expressing.

It's the sin of envy. Too often, achievement, accomplishment, ambition is defined as greed. Here's my clarification: greed is attempting to get something for nothing, to take without exchange. Is it greed or ambition? Are you a better person if you voluntarily get less money than you could for the goods or the services you deliver? No-in fact, you are derelict in your duty as business owner. You have a duty to yourself, your family, your investors or partners or shareholders, your lenders, your vendors, and your customers, and that responsibility is to attain the absolute highest and greatest profits possible, so you can stay in business successfully to honor every commitment to everyone of these constituencies.

To settle for anything less than the most is absolute dereliction of the responsibility of business ownership and leadership. To settle for anything less is to leave your business vulnerable, possibly fragile. And you should be fired. Now, here's my question for you: what is your entrepreneurial responsibility?

What is the entrepreneur's responsibility? What must you do in order to deserve and earn your place on the planet? Your success, prosperity, security, wealth? A lot of people think your purpose, your responsibility in life is to provide jobs. You see that reflected in the communities that are busily trying to pass laws and, in some cases, communities and states suing companies to keep them from moving or closing; because their responsibility is to provide jobs to the community.

Is your responsibility to provide jobs? I hope you don't think so. But if operating the business with fewer employees makes it more profitable, then it is your sworn responsibility as its captain to operate it with fewer employees. A lot of people think your responsibility is to pay taxes. Wealth Attraction In the New Economy organization and you get the photograph and a letter once in a while about how they're doing. I think every taxpayer should get some of those and have people assigned to them. So for your money, you get a picture of 17 people in Iraq or Afghanistan or Gooblesedyburg where we're building roads and schools and providing food-which we do even for the populations of countries openly hostile to us, like North Korea-and of 4 welfare recipients and 1 retired guy, maybe from GM, so you can put photos of all the people you're supporting up on the refrigerator.

And they should all have to write you notes every once in a while, to let you know how they're doing. I'd feel better. Wouldn't you? You have a legal responsibility to pay the minimum taxes required of you. But your responsibilities as entrepreneur do not include paying any more taxes than the minimum legally required of you. If you can arrange your business structure or affairs differently or relocate your business in order to pay fewer taxes, it is your sworn responsibility to do so. Is it your responsibility to improve your customers' lives?

No, it is not. Now, it's pretty smart to sell them things that, if they use them as you intended, will improve their lives. That's smart. But it's not your responsibility to see that it gets done. Nor should you lose any sleep over the customers who do not use what you sell them to improve their lives. I had to come to grips with that in my businesses very early on, or 1'd have had my wealth attraction severely suppressed. A lot of my wealth has been derived from writing and recording and publishing information products intended to help people better their attitudes, thinking, skills, businesses, and finances-just like this book.

Frankly, the shrinkwrap never comes off a whole lot of what I sell. And you will kill yourself in my business if you worry about making them take off the shrinkwrap. The books never get read. The ideas never acted on. Should I feel guilty about the majority who pay their money but then never do anything with what they bought? Should I follow them home and refund their money?

When I take a cruise, stay at a top-flight resort or buy another racehorse, I give no thought to whether the money paying for it came to me from someone who used what they bought or from someone who has never benefited at all. That's not my responsibility. It is theirs. My preference is for you to actually read this entire book and extract from it ideas you act on and derive benefit from, but frankly that preference is based at least as much, if not more, on my profit motive, rather than your profit.

Readers who do act on ideas turn out to be much better long-term customers. Earlier in this book I mentioned having had a client who builds and installs deluxe, premium-priced backyard sheds. If his customer puts the shed in his backyard and never moves the crap out of the garage into the shed, and still can't park the car in the garage-or, more probably, he moves all of the crap out of the garage, into the shed, and then restocks the garage with more crap and still can't park the car in the garage-should my client go out there and give him his money back?

Of course not. In fact, he should go out there and sell him a second shed. Sell him garbage removal service. Sell him a howto-do-a-garage-sale kit. Sell him something. The entrepreneur's responsibility is this: maximum profit and wealth to his shareholders. If you're the sole shareholder, that's you. Then your responsibility is just to play fair, not lie, cheat, or steal. Integrity for the entrepreneur is optimizing sales and profits and value in the business he captains.

Wealth Attraction in the New Economy lawyer who does not thoroughly prepare for trial and do everything he can for his client lacks integrity, just as the doctor who operates hung over lacks integrity, the business owner who "pulls his punches" also lacks integrity. Are You "Guilty" of Opportunism? Shortly after President George W.

Bush sent our troops into Iraq, American Greetings Corporation rushed to the presses. They created what they called the romantic ones, like one with a picture of a great-looking babe in a camouflage piece of lingerie, standing next to a bed. And the caption: "I've got some maneuvers to show you when you get home. They also drew criticism. I saw a critical discussion of this on some talk show. A liberal Hollywood celebrity attempting to launch a career as a political talking head railed about how horrible it was that this company was profiteering on the war.

She contended, if, in fact, they are going to sell these things, they should be giving all the money away. Of course, she, the show, and the network she was appearing on were also opportunists profiteering on exactly the same thing. The "story" of this outrage was their content, their programming, their product. She did not offer to donate her pay for the evening to a charity. This is an illustration of a position often taken about this thing called opportunism.

Truth is, everyone is opportunistic. Some are just better at it than others. The homeless beggar who discovers a dumpster filled nightly with exceptionally good leftovers and returns to'it each night is an opportunist. If he keeps it secret and does not tell the other homeless folks about it, he's exceptionally opportunistic. Or recognize and acknowledge her own opportunism. What is viewed as opportunism by many is entrepreneurship. That's what it is. Every man's tragedy is somebody else's opportunity.

That's commerce. I have clients in the fire alarm business. This busmess wouldn't exist if there weren't fires. You couldn't sell alarms if somebody wasn't having a house bum down around them.

Why Poker Starting Range Charts are Garbage - How to Move Beyond Them

If there were no deaths, there'd be no business. In fact, the local sales organizations in this industry very opportunistically target neighborhoods immediately after a home has caught fire and burned to the ground. They position their business as the mission to protect people, to save lives. That's how they sell what they sell. But their business wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the tragic problem in the first place. But here's what's really important.

If there weren't really appealing profits in the fire alarm business, the thousands of people whose lives are saved each year by having full-house fire alarm systems would, instead, be crispy critters. The fire alarm sales business is a difficult business. Appointments to visit with people in their homes, to discuss a subject no one is voluntarily interested in have to be obtained. Salespeople must be recruited, trained, and managed.

This all requires considerable cost, investment, and patience. The salespeople must suffer a lot of rejection, must convince people to accept and act on a threat they prefer to ignore. A factory has to exist to manufacture alarms, requiring capital from investors. None of that can happen without a lot of wealth to be had from this business.

So, the alarm that goes off at A. Entrepreneurship is all about opportunism. A gas station raises its prices on the Friday before a holiday weekend. Is its proprietor an evil opportunist? What do you think? It's all part and parcel of what he must do in order to achieve maximum success in his business. At other times during the calendar year, there are price wars in his neighborhood and he sells his gas for less than it costs him in order to stay in business. If he's in an extremely competitive environment, he sells his gas at a loss the entire time in order to get business into his repair shop.

Becoming good at on line poker; where to start?

There are all sorts of fluctuations in his business. He'd better make maximum profits when the opportunity presents itself, in order to compensate for the times when he can't make any profit at all. Consider the person who owns a convenience store in the middle of a gang-ridden ghetto, where nobody else will open a store. He mostly sells to people who can't get 20 miles away to the nearest supermarket. He sells at double what you would pay for the same products at the supermarket 20 miles away. Is he an evil opportunist?

Well, would you go open a store there? If his store's not there, how do his customers get anything at all? His risk is much higher than the guy with the supermarket 20 miles away. Every time he works in the store, there's a very real chance somebody's going to walk in the door and blow his head off, or try. For assuming all of that added risk, shouldn't he be an opportunist?

Getting all this stuff about greed and opportunism out of your head is critical. As an entrepreneur, you have a particular role in the world. You are a vitally important economic force. You have certain real responsibilities you need to embrace, illegitimate responsibilities others would impose you must reject. You also have rewards you deserve and should embrace. Yes, but probably not any that would instantly pop in to most people's minds. Some people think it's luck or who they knew or rich relatives or disreputable behavior, somehow taking ruthless advantage of others, climbing to wealth by stepping on others.

It is none of those things. It is a past bankruptcy. Or at least a huge failure and wipeout and near bankruptcy experience. I've worked closely, personally, with hundreds of first generation, from-scratch millionaire and multi-millionaire entre. Nearly half have gone bankrupt before ultimately achieving lasting success and wealth. This is true of historical figures as well as contemporary ones.

The incredible commonality among successful entrepreneurs is those who have been broke or formerly gone through bankruptcy. There are reasons. For one thing, entrepreneurial success and wealth creation, as well as wealth attraction, requires a willingness to risk and experience failure, and the emotional resiliency to recover from it quickly, decisively, passionately, and persistently. Hardly anybody gets to success via a straight line. So the past bankruptcy is revealing of this trait, or may have been instrumental in the development of this trait, or both.

When you experience a bankruptcy, as I have, you feel as if life is over, you'll never recover, you'll forever have a big red "B" on your forehead, you'll never get credit. Then when you discover none of that is true, and that money is readily available, wealth replaceable, more quickly and easily than the first time around, the light bulb comes on to full power.

It's a huge "ah-ha! What you feared was fatal turns out to be less than a flesh wound.

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  • Now you can't be scared again. Fears about money inhibit your wealth attraction powers. Absence of fears about money releases your full wealth attraction power. Everyone who is anyone of achievement and wisdom counsels us against fear. Jesus Christ counseled against fear. Pope John Paul II counseled against fear. The pioneer in self-improvement, Earl Nightingale, pointed out that most of the things we worry endlessly about never occur except in our own negative imaginations.

    Napoleon Hill wrote, in the classic Laws of Success, about the ghosts of fear. The President wrote speeches for whom he goaded America out of the Depression, and famously said "we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Every time we say no to fear, we win. Wealth Attraction in the New Economy It's important to understand that fear is learned. We are born with fears of falling, loud unknown noises, and snakes. Otherwise God sends us here completely free of fear. We learn our fears from other humans. We are conditioned to be fearful by what we hear and observe as children by the influences of fearful adults we associate with.

    The irrational nature of most fears is well illustrated by the fact that more people fear public speaking than fear debilitating illness or death. More people fear airplane travel than automobile travel even though factually, statistically, air travel is infinitely safer. It is my observation and conviction that more people are more controlled and inhibited by their fears about money than by any other kind of fear.

    People fear not having it, but they also fear being changed by having it. They fear running out of it before they die. Most of all they fear losing it. The best of us, and even the wealthiest of us, still have a whole lot of emotional baggage and B. When you jettison all money fears, you instantaneously become magnetic to money.

    I now believe your bank balance reflects the ratio of fear vs. After my bankruptcy, which I feared would be fatal, I quickly discovered it was a mere bump in the road, and my fears were replaced by a rapidly growing confidence. Many years later, after considerable experience, my wife and I divorced, after 22 years of marriage.

    World Poker Tour .

    You could say it was at least 10 years of wealth. I easily replaced it in less than 18 months. I nearly doubled it in 24 months. All of my prior experiences, including what I'd learned from my bankruptcy recovery, proved far more valuable than the actual money that moved out with her. I had zero fears about the loss of the money, about the difficulty of replacing it, about it having any adverse impact on my life or lifestyle.

    I just strolled over to the wall, adjusted the thermostat on my wealth attraction powers, and let the coffers refill, then overflow. This is not to suggest license to behave recklessly or foolishly with your wealth. Waste, imprudence, irresponsibility is almost always punished, because such behavior is repulsive to money. The online poker website gives players the most available options in the industry and is also a leader in how fast you are able to fund your account and start playing or withdraw your funds successfully.

    Here is the full list of methods that you can use for banking on Borgata Poker:. Borgata Poker is completely legal and licensed in the state of New Jersey. The NJDGE provides each and every regulated and licensed Internet gaming site in New Jersey with a proper regulation logo for players to know which sites are safe and legal and which are not. This is important to keep your private and banking information totally secure and safe from any type of theft or fraudulent acts. Borgata Poker is able to use bit SSL bank-level encryption and includes protective firewalls for keeping player information secure.

    Borgata also does a series of security checks upon both deposits and withdraw requests to ensure banking safety. Players wishing to join in on real money games have to be at least 21 years of age and within the state borders of New Jersey. There is also an instant chat feature which is available in-game. The site also provides a constant server check to see if the site is down for maintenance or technical issues as well as step by step download instructions.

    How To Play Section : Borgata Poker does an excellent job of explaining the differences and variations between the online poker games available. Whether you are trying out one of the many tournaments offered at Borgata Poker or venturing into new ring game types, Borgata will help you understand the rules of the game and even offer tips and strategies. The Tournament Selection : There are numerous online poker tournaments to choose from on Borgata Poker, with all players being able to find the right mix and match of settings for them.

    With differences in payouts, blinds, buy-ins, poker game styles, table sizes, game speed, and more , the tournament section at Borgata Poker is one of our favorites in New Jersey. I have a B. I consider myself an extremely motivated and hard working individual who is highly skilled in writing and research. I have a child-like imagination that I can funnel in a strategic and practical way. I foster this creativity through my study and diligent practice of creative writing. However, my aspiration is to infuse this talent for creativity into my business career. From each of these places not only did I take away the specific language and culture, but also knowledge on how to interact, communicate and connect with anyone no matter their background.

    As a writer, I believe that transparency is key to good investigative journalism. That is why I've found my home at PlayingLegal, whose mission it is to bring transparency to fantasy sports and online gambling players. Your email address will not be published. New Jersey Online Poker Borgata Poker is an excellent option for New Jersey online poker and players through a number of tournaments, ring games, and mobile gaming options such as Fast Forward Poker. Although the pot does not have any limit, players can only bet up to certain limits that are shown before starting the game.

    Of course not. For sure Lars, sleep makes a huge difference. I try to avoid playing on the days I don't get enough sleep. I need 6 hours minimum to play my best. View this post on Instagram. Now look, I know that playing live poker isn't an option for everyone. For instance, I live in Thailand. There are no casinos in this country offering Texas Holdem. However, in most places around the world, you can still easily find a good live low stakes Texas Holdem game going on. These are some of the softest games on earth with the worse players.

    If you want to play against the worst poker players on earth and you can handle to slow place of live poker, then this will do wonders for your win rate. Once again, tournaments aren't really my specialty. I mostly play online cash games. However, if you want poker games with tons of fish in them, then tournaments are amazing.

    It doesn't matter if you are playing poker tournaments live or online, at the lower stakes the level of play in these is often shockingly bad. The only problem is that you often have to wade through extremely large fields in order to get a solid payday.