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The majority of the pieces are set on the American frontier, the crucible in which character is tested, reputations are won or lost, and life always hangs in the balance. These are classic stories no reader can resist—or ever forget: A soft-spoken young suitor proves his courage when the guns are against him—without firing a shot. A ranch foreman stands up to his boss, his men, and conspirators who seem to have both right and might on their side.

A sheriff patiently sets a trap for a serial killer in a town where fourteen men have already died. Ben Cowan and Bijah Catlow had been friends since they were boys. By the time they grew to manhood, Catlow had become an outlaw and Cowan a U. While trailing Catlow south of the border, Ben meets Rosita Calderon.

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Intelligent and beautiful, her presence further complicates what is already a dangerous situation. While trying to protect his friend from Mexican soldiers and place him under arrest, Ben realizes that the price of getting Catlow back across the border might be more than he is willing to pay. These postscripts tell the story behind the stories that millions of readers have come to know and cherish. Similar ebooks. The Trailsman Texas Tornado. Fargo unleashes big-time revenge on small-town Texas. Faced with the prospect of serving years doing hard labor, Fargo leads a prison break.

To get his rifle back, Fargo is going to have to walk smack-dab into the middle of her murderous revenge—and leave a few dead bodies in his wake. The Black Hills. William W. Johnstone Country.

Seven Devil's Slaughter (Trailsman #247)

Frontier Spirit Lives Here. Meet Hunter Buchanon, a towering mountain of a man who learned how to track prey in Georgia, kill in the Civil War, and prospect in the Black Hills of Dakota. Most of them are as fierce and wild as the Black Hills they roam. But Bobby Lee is different.

When Hunter is ambushed on the road, Bobby Lee leaps to his defense. And when the attacker tries to shoot Bobby Lee, Hunter returns the favor by hitting the man with a rock. Now Hunter has to explain it all to the local sheriff. Which is going to be tough. The Trailsman Texas Tart. The West hath no fury like a woman scorned… On the outside, Cross Peak, Texas, is a clean and friendly city—so friendly, in fact, that Skye Fargo is literally welcomed with open arms by the local ladies. But one sweet little thing wants something more from Fargo than a roll in the hay.

The Trailsman Texas Swamp Fever. The Archaletta Swamp is the last place Fargo wants to be. The terrain is dirty, dangerous, and deceptive, and the locals are worse. Top charts. New arrivals. The Trailsman Giant Trailsman Book Jon Sharpe December 1, Skye Fargo tracks a terrifying tribe in the border wilds In this new super-sized adventure, a tycoon hires Skye Fargo to find a young girl who vanished in the Canadian borderlands-but the Trailsman finds something much more deadly More by Jon Sharpe See more. The Trailsman Devil's Den. Book Fargo is headed straight to hell But when the competition gets deadly, the Trailsman has to send a pack of savage killers straight into the ground The Trailsman Black Hills Deathblow.

All it takes is one shot… When Skye Fargo receives a desperate request for help from his old friend Colonel Durant, he knows something must be very wrong. But when the Trailsman learns that the Lakota and Cheyenne nations are being stirred to bloody war against the whites, he must race against time—and a conniving, deadly foe—to stop a slaughter. Reviews Review Policy.

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Continue the series. See more. The Trailsman Wyoming Whirlwind. Skye Fargo rides into the wilds of Wyoming in a bloody battle for survival When a party of greenhorns show up looking to experience "the real west," they land themselves in the crosshairs of ruthless killers-and at the top of Skye Fargo's "to-do" list The Trailsman Pacific Polecats.

Skye Fargo prowls the Pacific Northwest in a fight for a family fortune LGBT Interest. Literary Fiction. Politics Current Events. Sci Fi.

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Self Help. Short Stories. Social Science. Suspense Thriller.

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True Crime. Urban Fiction. Women's Fiction. Audience: Select audience Adult. Beginning Reader.

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Seven Devils Slaughter

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